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Female leadership series — Part 3

Photo by Amy Hirschi on Unsplash

Slovakia has been a life-changing experience for me. I have experienced biases and indifferences in this culture, extremely. I have seen the pinnacle of irrational human behaviour sometimes.

I have become a leader in a non-ideal environment. I lead people who refuse to back me up, simply, by not saying a word.

When I say thank you — they refuse to accept my humility.

When I offer help — they say “screw you” by not acknowledging.

Needless to say, leading in such a culture is difficult.

It is normal to think that I need…

After being rejected 3-times, upfront

Female Leadership Series — Part 2

Photo by Nicola Styles on Unsplash

I stepped into the leadership role after spending more than six years in my company.

And, to my surprise, it happened in the year, I was expecting it least to happen. The year which shook humanity. The year when everyone else struggled to merely keep their job. The year no one would forget. The year, 2020, when I finally got my dream role.

I always wanted this role, since the time I joined my company. I honestly felt I was the right fit. I thought I deserved it.


Female Leadership Series Part 1

I honestly think being a woman is difficult.

And, being a woman leader is much more difficult.

But, aspiring to become a woman leader in someone else’s culture, is probably the toughest one.

In many societies, people are not used to being truly lead by a woman. It’s one thing — to be in a position of substantial power, contribute to the decision-making process, having the ability to alter the decision, and taking full responsibility for the outcome even when it’s negative. And, it’s another thing to be merely the face of the power.


Shimpy Kumari

Software Tester, Volunteer and Leader

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